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Customer Centricity 

As we reflect on trends from 2018 and move into 2019, a common theme can be seen around the idea of customer centricity. There’s no denying that Pharma must bring value beyond the efficacy and safety of their products. This pill-plus mentality focuses on customer centricity as not just a luxury—but a necessity.       

Big Pharma Investing in Customer Centricity 

We’ve seen it with Novartis and their investment in “Alia”—a chatbot that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help patients living with psoriasis and chronic urticaria get answers to questions on the spot. Novo Nordisk’s online chatbot “Sophia” is also available 24/7 to answer diabetes questions and direct customers to the appropriate contact if an answer isn’t available. With time, these technologies will improve based on predictions and human interaction learnings. It’s clear these companies have recognized the need for more customer engagement.

Marketing has never been more of a two-way street than it is today. And one thing still holds true for both HCPs and patients: we need to provide information when, where, and how they want it. 


Physicians are becoming harder to reach as they implement ad blockers at higher percentages, and aren’t as engaged in CRM programs as they used to be. Sales representatives are also receiving less time in the office with their customers. What if there were a button that allowed physicians to contact Pharma companies or sales representatives when they needed them?


Patients have become information seekers—83% look online for health information (The Social Life of Health Information). Additionally, 57% of patients decide where to get treatment based on providers’ social media presence. With so much information available to them online, patients are becoming more educated and proactive about their health. What if patients could get their questions answered and reach Pharma companies by pressing a button?

The Easy Button for Health Care
Ping™ M3 Health

Press here for customer engagement: M3 Health has partnered with Amazon technologies (Amazon Dash) to bring their Internet of Things (IOT) customer services approach to Pharma and it couldn’t be more timely in this era of customer centricity. One of the main objectives of the technology is to simplify the customer experience. The concept is derived from the Amazon Dash experience. At one time, Tide® laundry detergent was arguably one of the most popular brands ordered through Amazon Dash, delivering detergent to customers’ doorsteps by just clicking a button.

Utilizing this concept in Pharma is a great way to bring convenience to both our patients and HCPs and keep our brands top of mind. This button can be given to a doctor to easily request a representative at any time. Patients could use this button to keep in touch with care staff and/or Pharma companies. For more on M3 Health and the Ping™ technology capabilities, take a peek at http://m3-health.com/ping.

Written by Damon Tutulic

Director of Digital Experience

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