2019 MedAdNews Awards Agency of the Year Finalist

We're always tuned in

Everything we do is SOUND

At SOUND, we know great ideas don’t just invent themselves. That’s why we’ve created an agency that’s filled with thinkers—not mindless doers. Individuals with a passion for excellence and a drive to push beyond the ordinary with a strategy-first mindset. We’re not going to lie. We beat ourselves up every day striving to achieve greatness in everything we do—rigorously examining every idea, questioning everything, pressure-testing for weakness, tweaking and more tweaking, honing, and polishing.

For some, this can be a bit much—but we wouldn’t have it any other way. If it isn’t done right, it isn’t done. So, if at the end of this process, an idea has somehow managed to stand up to everything we can possibly throw at it, only then can it be considered SOUND.

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